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Sedgley Road Aquarium is one of the Midlands largest and well established aquatics shop. Our business was formed in 1968 and has been passed on through to its 3rd generation of family members.



At Sedgley Road Aquarium we stock a large variety of tropical and cold water fish for both indoor aquariums and outdoor ponds.

When visiting our shop you’ll find on the ground floor cold water and pond fish, also a variety of tanks, foods and accessories. On the first floor is our tropical fish room, where as well as a large selection of tropical fish there is also a selection of plants.

Coming soon a new fish room, this will be in the back of the tropical room and will have a selection of Malawi cichlids.

Our fish rooms have been established for over 20 years, plus we have over 50 years of combined experience. All of our staff are fully trained and keep their own fish. They have a comprehensive understanding of how to handle, feed and maintain the aquariums to ensure a healthy environment for your fish to thrive.

We care about our fish and we really want you to enjoy the hobby as much as we do, we will try and advise you to the best of our knowledge so you keep your fish for years to come.

We have everything you need for looking after your fish, from the tank set up to foods, treatments, and ornaments. We also provide free water tests.

We will soon be offering fish scraps, to take a closer look at fish parasites (there will be a small charge for this).

We have such a wide range of fish that it is best if you come in and take a look for yourself at what we have in stock.
All our fish come with 24 hour guarantee.

Check out the blog page for up dates on the new fish we have in.

We do not deliver or post out fish. However we may be offering a local delivery service soon.



At Sedgley Road Aquarium we carry a wide range of plants for indoor tanks and outdoor ponds.

The plants for outdoor ponds are in the main shop on the ground floor. We have a selection of marginal plants which usually go on a shelf in your pond, we have different coloured lily’s that can go grow very big, and bunches of oxygen plants that help add oxygen in to your pond.

The marginal and lily plants are in baskets ready to just place in your pool. The oxygen bunches are weighted down and can just be put in the ponds as they are. We also have pond baskets, pond soil, and hessian squares for re-potting your pond plants.
However we only stock pond plants in the spring and summer months.

The plants for indoor tropical and cold water tanks are found in the tropical fish room on the first floor. We have 5 free standing plant tanks in the middle of the tropical fish room and one big tank in the back tropical fish room.

In the five free standing plant tanks three of them have a mixture of bunched plants and the other two have a mixture of potted plants. We have low growing plants and taller back ground plants. So there is a nice mixture for small or larger tanks.

In the tropical fish room we have a mixture of woods in various sizes with plants attached; these would make lovely features in any tank. Plants add oxygen in to your water during the day, so for wild life ponds with no pumps, filters plants are very good to have in to help the water.

Plants need looking after, they do require light to help them grow. We carry a range of substrates that you can put underneath your gravel to help protect the plants roots to keep them healthy and help them grow. We also chemical and tablet foods to feed your plants. Plants are edible for your fish, so adding a bunch in to your tank can be a nice treat. Pop in to the shop and see what plants we have in stock today.



At Sedgley Road Aquarium we stock a variety of tanks and complete set ups ranging in size and colours. The tanks we stock are suitable for cold water fish and tropical fish.

We have a few aquarium set ups in the main shop on the ground floor. But we do have a tank show room, which is in the back of the tropical fish room on the first floor, with glass tanks and other aquarium set ups. We sell tanks as singular items so you can add your own filters and accessories. We can also get tanks specially made to any size you wish.

We offer a range of aquarium set ups to get you started. From the small nano tanks, to the larger aquarium tanks, to suit everyone’s taste. Most of the aquarium set ups we sell come with a filter and light, with some aquarium set ups heaters and stands are optional.

We do have tanks spares in stock and if we do not have a specific item you require, we will happily order them as we have excellent relationship’s with our suppliers.

The tank brands we sell are Hagen Fluval, Superfish and Aqua One range tanks. We do have a few other little tanks which are on show in store. We also have everything else you will need to set up your tanks, from backgrounds, gravel, ornaments, thermometers and much more with any advice or tips to help you set up a healthy tank. Pop in store to see our full range of tanks.

All our electrical equipment is guaranteed for 12 months unless stated otherwise. We do ask you keep any boxes and always keep your receipts for your guarantee.



At Sedgley Road Aquarium we stock everything you need for setting up your garden pond and looking after your ponds and fish. From a small feature pond to the larger koi pond.

In the back room on the ground floor you will find our pond section. We have pond liner, and an assortment of pond fish we also sell pond pumps, filters, lights, heaters, UV units, air pumps, and all the media and fittings for the pumps and filters we stock.

In the main shop, we have a selection of pond foods and also a large selection of pond treatments. The foods we sell are the Kockeny Koi range and tetra. The treatments we sell are also Kockney Koi, tetra, and NT Labs. We can try to order any other type of treatments or foods you wish, just let us know, and we can see what we can get for you.

Also in the main shop we have our selection of pond plants, we only have these in the spring and summer months. Soil and different size pots are also available for repotting your plants.

We have over 50 years of experience and can advise you on fish deceases and what is the best form of action to help your fish live a long and happy life.

We are at hand to provide tips and advice to ensure looking after your ponds and pond fish is as easy as possible. We test pond water for free and very soon we will be performing fish scrapes to look more closely at parasites (there will be a small charge for this).

We sell different size flexible pipe (clear smooth pipe, or black ribbed pipe), solvent weld Kockney Koi pipe and all the fittings to go with it as well as the solvent weld glue. Unfortunately due to vast amount of pond equipment available we only have in stock the fittings and parts for the filters and pumps that we sell in store. If you are after other equipment that we do not have in stock, we can try our best to get them in.

All our electrical pond equipment comes with 12 months guarantee unless stated otherwise. Please keep your boxes and receipts for your guarantee.

During the winter months we do close the back pond fish room, and we do not have pond fish or pond plants in stock. Usually the back fish room is open again with fish and plants around March or Easter time.

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