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You are thinking about making a Will...

Excellent. Approximately 70% of people in the country do not have a Will.

Goodwills Legal Services Ltd., a member of the Society of Will Writers, offers a friendly, private and confidential HOME VISIT Will writing Service.

Our specialist consultant, who is also a member of the Society of Will Writers, will visit you in the comfort of your own home, listen to your requirements, giving help and advice as required.

Your instructions will be carefully recorded, your Will, together with any associated documents you require will be professionally drafted by our legal department.

Your specially bound Will shall be delivered to you for signing and witnessing – and the matter is dealt with.


Who should make a will?

If you fit into any of these categories, you should make a Will.

  • Are you over 18 years of age?
  • Do you own property?
  • Do you have other financial assets?
  • Do you have a wife, husband, or partner?
  • Do you have a CPA arrangement?
  • Have you been divorced?
  • Do you have children? Minor children?
  • Do you wish to give gifts to Charities, Friends, distant family, other people and organisations?

Sadly, is there someone you do not wish to receive your estate?


Why should i make a will

After all, we all know that if the spouse dies, the surviving spouse will receive everything, don’t we?

Maybe, but maybe not, and very frequently, this is not the case!

It depends upon a number of other external legal factors that you may not have considered.

And certainly if you have any other gifts for charities or other family members and friends, they will not happen!

And you may lose your children’s inheritance to other external factors, re-marriage etc.

If you do not have a Will, your estate will be distributed in accordance with a set of laws written back in the 1920s, The Laws of Intestacy. If you do not make your own decisions your estate may well pass to people who you would not wish to receive the bequest. It is quite possible that your loved ones could receive nothing.

Make your own decisions, it is that simple.


Goodwills Midlands

In 2001, the founders and directors of Goodwills Ltd, then Complete Wills Ltd. Graham Bushell and Jim Goddard, were looking to build a Willwriting company with an ethical approach to the public and their estate planning needs.

Jim Goddard, a former training and support officer for the Willwriters Association and the Association of Lawyers and Legal Advisers, and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) is responsible for training the Goodwills team of professionals employed in our legal department.

Graham Bushell, a former regional manager to one of the then largest financial services companies in the UK, Abbey Life, has used his experience to recruit, market and develop the Goodwills team of specialist Willwriting consultants. His network of contacts have encouraged over 300 financial advisers to use Goodwills as a provider for their clients Wills and Trusts.

Together, the Goodwills team of consultants, professional advisers, office staff, and willdrafters work to provide cost effective products for our clients. This has made us one of the fastest growing Willwriting organisations in the country.

With knowledge developed through our ongoing training program, our consultants can explain solutions to some of the most complex family and tax related problems.

Our consultants' training ensures that the solutions they explain to clients will be clearly understood and will make sense. We do not believe in the "one size fits all" approach to advice. Our ethical standards and our code of practice ensure that our clients enjoy the very highest level of care and consideration.

Goodwills became part of the solicitors group, Premier Solicitors. Then in 2014 the name was changed to Goodwills Legal Services Ltd. As a result of our hard work and effort, our clients now have access to an increasing amount of products designed not only to provide the specialised legal documents associated with a traditional Willwriting company, but also other benefits such as trust related products, a probate advice service, and property conveyancing.

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