About Us

Hello there and welcome to our website. We are a husband and wife team bringing the love from Sedgley. The inspiration for the website came from a variety of personal and political reasons.


Political Reasons

We live in a globalised world resulting in the deterioration of our high streets. Businesses such as our local butchers and bakers are unable to compete against the giant supermarkets. We would like to help give small local businesses the opportunity to thrive and survive. After all, it will be beneficial to our community if we can keep our money local rather than our hard-earned cash filtering through to head offices in London or even abroad. Our website is designed to encourage our local neighbours to shop with and support our local businesses. Consequently, we encourage businesses to also support the local community by using local suppliers to help our community thrive.


Sharing Knowledge

In the summer of 2017 we were struggling for ideas of how to entertain our children on a tight budget over the summer holidays. After extensive research in the evenings we discovered so many exciting activities that were suitable for a tight budget and were seemingly hidden and not easy to find. We found that places such as Himley Park, Arley Arboretum, Severn Valley Park, Sedgley Library, Stourbridge Glass Museum and RAF Cosford all offered themed events over the summer holidays that were often free or low cost. We consequently decided that we would like to share this information and make it more available for other families who find themselves in the same position.


The good, the bad and the ugly

We are a two-car family and in need of a good mechanic that we can rely on. Once we have found a good mechanic who is conscientious, honest and offers a fair service at a fair price he will have repeat business from us and eventually our children for as long as his business is in operation. However, in our search of a mechanic we found that there are very few reviewed mechanics locally. This is not limited to just mechanics, over the last few years we have got Married, had a new drive, and had new windows in our home. We discovered during these processes that independent reviews of local businesses are few and far between. This has driven us to offer an option for our local neighbours to leave honest business reviews based on their own experience.


We are a very new website and are keen to be a helpful source of information for everybody who lives in or around the West Midlands and Black Country. If you feel that there is anything that we are doing wrong or that we could improve, please let us know. If you feel that we are doing well please let your friends and neighbours know.


Love From Sedgley


Love From Sedgley